We are currently releasing the second version of Dexter, we will update the links to the new version ASAP. In the meanwhile you can browse (and play) with the new REST API documentation :)


Click on this link for downloading Dexter. The archive requires around 2 Gigabytes, and contains the Dexter binary code (dexter-1.0.0.jar) and the model used by Dexter for annotating.

The current model is generated from the 04/03/2013 English Wikipedia dump, available here. (we plan to release update models for English and other languages).

Once the download is finished, uncompress the package, and from the directory dexter, just run

java -Xmx3000m -jar dexter-1.0.0.jar

(you will need at least 3G of ram and Java 7). The framework should be available in few seconds at the address:


First query will take a bit because Dexter will have to load all the model in main memory.

For any question, problem or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us.